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​Ishigaki Shonan


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The application deadline for the 2nd Ishigakijima Shonan International Documentary Film Festival has been closed .

Contact: Ishigaki Island / Shonan International Documentary Film Festival Executive Committee

About Film Festival

Ishigakijima (Ishigaki Island) and Shonan are the area surrounded by nature that is best described as unique, majestic and alluring. 

Ishigakijima and Shonan International Documentary Film Festival will be held at the "Yui Road Theater" etc, the southernmost theater in Japan. The keyphrase of the festival is "Young People × Senior." Screening many domestic and international documentary films, we will create an idealistic opportunity for young people of this generation and knowledgeable seniors to interact, dialogue and learn through the films. 


Grand Prize

Awards for each category

  • Grand Prix

  • International Competition Division


  • It must be work produced after January 1, 2019.

  • Must be a documentary film of 5 minutes or more, maximum 15 minutes.

  • The piece must be created by the director as an intended documentary

(It is also possible to cover works based on facts and works reproducing the facts).

Required Topic

It must fall under any of the following

  • Works that not only highlight and criticize problems, highlighting issues in the area, the community, workplace etc but also suggesting solutions and the different approach to the way of life.

  • Work that makes use of a particular point of view and sensibility relevant to the generation to which the producer relates to.



  • International Competition Division(Add points to student or over 60 years old and with subtitles in English or Japanese.)

  • Domestic student A department (vocational school, university, graduate school)

  • Domestic student B department (high school student or less department)

  • Domestic senior division (over 60 years old)

  • General department (non-student and under 60years old department)

  • local film department (Add points to students or workers over 60 years old and set in the Yaeyama or Shonan district)


The application deadline is November 30, 2020.

About the Examination

1. Upon selection by the preliminary review executive committee, we will select the prize-winning works screened at this film festival from all entries. We will inform you of the selection by e-mail.

2. From the final screening, award winning films will be selected for each prize in the category by a final judge panel consisting of experts involved in the film/video industry, including professional film directors. 

Final Judges

Takefumi Tsutsui

Film Director /

 Tokyo University of the Art, Graduate School Professor

Toshio Tsuchiya

Film Director /

Nihon TV Lab Senior Creator

Kazuyoshi Nagashima

Film Director /

Former Fuji TV Director

Application Method

* Please fill in the following items and send it to the following Film Festival Secretary by email.

Ishigakijima and Shonan International  Documentary Film Festival Secretary  (Contact:  Nagashima)


Post the finalised documentary on Youtube or Vimeo media format and enter its URL in the application. If it is protected with a password, please enter the password also.

※ Movie files can not be sent via online storage

(2) Introduce the film in 200 characters or less, included within the email.

(3) Describe the director's history/career in 100 characters or less, included within the email.

(4) Other requirements (title of the film, duration, name of director/s, name of applicant, address, telephone number, email address)

(5) Make sure to add Japanese subtitles to films created in languages ​other than Japanese.

Entry Fee


Please send 3000 yen for international postal money order to the following address by international mail.
1-4-30 Shinjyuku Zushi-City Kanagawa Japan 249-0007
​Kazuyoshi Nagashima

Official Screening and Selection of winning Films

  • We will inform the applicant of the selection of their film via email (Late October 2020 or 2021).

  • The selected works will be posted on the official website.

※ We will not be providing explanations on the reasons for selection, so please be forewarned. However, as for the prize-winning films, the final review committee will review the selected films at the screening event.

  • Please submit a DVD (Region Free, Region Code "2") to the secretary via post etc. after your selection notice, as films selected for the official screening films of the Ishigaki Island Documentary Film Festival.

  • The submitted DVD can not be returned, please be forewarned.

About Copyright Handling

  • The copyright belongs to the applicant himself / herself.

  • Do not infringe human rights and copyrights of others.

  • The music used in the work must be copyright free or obtain prior permission of the copyright owner.

  • Partial use of manga, literature, television, movies, etc. must have obtained prior permission from the copyright holder.

  • After the festival ends, please note that the winning works may be released online based on the director's wishes.

Terms and conditionsUpon entry, we will complete the necessary procedures for the copyright used in the work. In the unlikely event that a claim such as infringement of rights or damages is made from a third party, the applicant shall take full responsibility, and the organizer shall not take any responsibility.

About Tickets

  • 【Organizer】Ishigakijima and Shonan International Documentary Film Festival Executive Committee / NPO KANATAN


Ishigaki and Shonan International Documentary Film Festival